Raspberry Pi launches a new Digital Making Curriculum

Raspberry Pi have today announced their new Digital Making Curriculum. Reported by Director of Education Carrie Anne Philbin, the curriculum aims to help individuals from a wide variety of age groups to further their digital making skills. You can read the full announcement here, take a look at the Curriculum itself here and give feedback here.


It’s exciting stuff – the people at the Foundation have clearly thought a lot about the different disciplines involved with digital making. In the community, we all wish we were Creators, Builders, Developers and Makers of the highest calibre, but we must also recognise that in some areas we still have learning to do. This Curriculum certainly goes a long way to defining a path of progress in these different disciplines. It also provides the younger generation with a ‘hit list’ of skills to develop. Next, and quite urgently, I would like to see the Foundation get into the practicalities of their curriculum by linking to, and developing, resources that will help us get better at what we love to do: Making things! A theoretical curriculum is but the first stage: next, the progress has to be delivered.

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