NatureBytes Raspberry Pi-powered nature camera comes to The Pi Hut

A good few months ago, a new company called NatureBytes ran a Kickstarter to fund their Raspberry Pi-powered nature camera system. They delivered on their pledges in the middle of last year and they’re now at a point where they have a retail package available. This package is now sold at The Pi Hut. The kit requires some assembly, but this is well in the capabilities of non-technical people. I bought my in-laws a kit for Christmas and they had it up-and-running within a day and a half and love the results.

The kit comes with everything you need:

  • Weatherproof case
  • Electronic assembly holder (compatible with all Raspberry Pi models).
  • Nylon attachment strap
  • Raspberry Pi A +
  • Raspberry Pi v2 Camera module
  • PIR sensor
  • Jumper wires (3 different colours)
  • Li-ion battery (8800 Mah)
  • Seed LiPo Rider
  • SD Card (8GB micro SD)
  • USB flash drive 2.0 (4GB)
  • Real time clock
  • USB cable

The battery is enough to run the camera for 3-4 days (courtesy of the A+’s relatively low power requirements).

All in all, it’s a great, quality package that easily competes with other solutions out there. The case, in particular, is fantastic and very solid. Highly recommended.

The kit costs £130 from The Pi Hut – this may seem costly, but you get plenty for your money and it’s a well-thought-out product from very clever people!

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