Cotswold Raspberry Jam – 28th January 2017

The long-running (and quite superb, by all accounts) Cotswold Raspberry Jam is making an early 2017 appearance on Saturday 28th January. The event runs from 1-4pm and takes place at the University of Gloucestershire, Park Campus, Cheltenham. Free tickets are available here and you can read more about the Cotswold Jams on their website.

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  1. Thanks, Mike. The lineup so far is:

    * Distance Measurement Sensor tutorial – Python coding and the HC-SR04 sensor – attendees get to take home a complete kit

    * Tutorial to install the Apache web server and code a web page in HTML

    * Build a Minecraft Village – workshop to code a Minecraft house in Python and then duplicate many houses to quickly create a village

    * Talk by Cerys Lock, Digital Girl of the Year 2016

    * Micro PiNoon – balloon-popping war robots

    * RetroPie demos – play classic games for as little as £10 using a Raspberry Pi Zero and a USB games controller – lots of these will be set up for people to play with

    * Show and Tell – bring your own project to show off, or get help with a half-completed project

    Tickets are free, donations are entirely optional. Our events typically have around 120-150 attendees, mostly children and parents but a good showing from local tech enthusiasts. We have an entire building with 4 computer labs and a lounge courtesy of the University of Gloucestershire. Bring your own Pi if you have one, or use dozens of ours – the University provide scores of monitors, mice and keyboards. Free parking and a bus stop a stone’s throw away! See our website for more details.

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