New products from Ozzmaker add GPS to their Raspberry Pi range

Mark Williams, over at Australian add-on board design company Ozzmaker, has just announced that they have two new products.

The BerryGPS uses a M10478-A2 GPS module from Antenova (able to track 22 satellites) which requires no external antenna, assuming you can see the sky. It costs $48 AUD (about £28).

The BerryGPS-IMU uses the same Antenova chip but adds on several sensors: an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a magnetometer, a barometric/altitude reader and a temperature sensor. This one costs $73 AUD (about £43).

They are Zero-sized but will work on any Raspberry Pi. The later board is an improvement on the original BerryIMU with which Mark had a success on Kickstarter. I had great fun with the BerryIMU and it remains a critical part of my Picorder project. Definitely recommended – Mark produces great boards!

1 comment for “New products from Ozzmaker add GPS to their Raspberry Pi range

  1. Graham Goold
    6 February 2018 at 4:32 pm

    Is the Berry IMU available in the UK? If not is there a suitable alternative?
    I selected this item because I was impressed by the clear documentation published by Mark Williams two or three years ago. My grandson has a Raspberry Pi and would like to get some practical experience before starting a computer science degree course later this year. Hence I am looking for something which is relatively straight forward to implement.

    Many Thanks


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