PiPod Podcast – a quick update

Raspberry PiPod Podcast

Hi all,

The PiPod podcast will be back, and it’ll be back soon. I’ve been rather busy of late preparing for the Cambridge Raspberry Jam on 3rd December and just haven’t had time to get to the podcast. Work’s been rather manic, too, and I’ve recently (successfully) auditioned for a new musical called Cloud over at Sharnbrook Mill Theatre in Bedfordshire. It’s all been a bit hectic!

Expect the next edition of the podcast sometime in the next 10 days!


2 comments for “PiPod Podcast – a quick update

  1. Hey Mike,

    Thank you for the info. Love the PiPod podcast and hope all is well. I now have turned to your site for most of my Pi information, really appreciate all you do. Thank you again!

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