New Zero-sized power supply solution for the Raspberry Pi supporting a range of input voltages

UUGear, who previously gave us a selection of hubs and UPS solutions for the Pi, have just released a Zero-sized power supply board that accepts voltages from 5-26V. It’s called the Zero2Go and has the following features:

  • No soldering required when mounting on Raspberry Pi Zero (Pogo pin connection)
  • Wide range of input voltages (5~26V)
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Power sources can be connected via micro-USB, DC power plug or wires.
  • Supports “pass-through” and “step-down” modes (auto switching)
  • Single button tap to startup/shutdown Raspberry Pi (with installed software)

It costs 350.00 CZK (12.95 euros / £10.85 / $13.65) from their website.

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