Amazing flaming art piece uses Raspberry Pi 3 to control 2000 blinkies!

'Le Attrata,' 2016. Photo by Meike Gugel

‘Le Attrata,’ 2016. Photo by Meike Gugel

A fantastic sculpture/musical instrument is currently being shown at various festivals in the United States.

Le Attrata is an innovative fire sculpture created by Therm, made up of three stainless steel moths with 12-foot wingspans, set on top of 18-foot high spires. The moths (turbine-driven blast furnaces) ignite, spark, pop, and whine, while three human musicians “play” them like instruments. Two thousand programmable LEDs are embedded in the sculpture and glow and shift, projecting incredible light patterns. These LEDs are controlled by a Raspberry Pi 3 and FadeCandy. Read more over at The Creators Project and see more photographs over at Therm’s own website. You can see a video of it in action at Burning Man 2016 below.

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