Keeping track of vinyl records with a Raspberry Pi and lots of blinkies


The Raspberry Pi Foundation have just blogged this so I thought I’d share it with you.

Mike Smith has a lot of vinyl records and he has trouble keeping track of where they all are located on his shelves. So, he took a Raspberry Pi, lots of Neopixel strands and Adafruit’s FadeCandy board to control them. The Pi has a web interface and database of all the records and their locations. When you select the record, the Pi sends a signal to the FadeCandy which then flashes all the Neopixels in the individual cubby hole where the record resides, followed by a single flash of the Neopixel closest to the record. The whole system is also capable of putting on some impressive lighting effects, also controllable via the web interface. If you want to know more, Mike will be filling in details here and you can view the system in action in the video below:

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