Real sketching with the Raspberry Pi – Blackstripes

Jeroen van Goor and Johan ten Broeke from the Netherlands saw a V-plotter on the Polargraph website and decided that they wanted their own version to create works of art. What they came up with was Blackstripes. Powered by a Raspberry Pi and featuring some stepper motors and wooden arms, the machines (which come in a variety of designs, sizes and configurations) are able to use many different “stick” drawing implements (such as pencils, pens, markers etc) to create stunning works of art. You can see more about the three different models they’ve created in the video below and read more on their website. You can even buy a mini version of Blackstripes so you can create your own business! You can also order art pieces by uploading your own image to their website. Prices are reasonable for the kind of effect they deliver.

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