Happy Birthday to Raspberry Pi Python library GPIO Zero as it hits v1.3

One year ago, Ben Nuttall and Dave Jones began work on GPIO Zero, a Python library which sought to simplify access to the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins. As of yesterday, it is now one year old and Ben has just announced that version 1.3 is now available. This release includes the following new features:

  • New ButtonBoard class
  • New Servo and AngularServo classes
  • New CPUTemperature class
  • Improved remote GPIO support
  • Plenty of behind-the-scenes changes
  • Lots of new recipes

It’s an exciting time for GPIO Zero and the team now consists of three people – Ben, Dave and Andrew Scheller. They recently released a book to go along with the library and it’s fast becoming the de-facto standard for GPIO programming. We’re even looking to re-write our CamJam EduKit worksheets using it. The future’s bright for the library, and I personally wish the guys Godspeed with their efforts!

Read more about the new version on Ben’s blog.

Also still in development is Dave Jones’ picamera library for the Raspberry Pi camera module which is on version 1.12. You can see the changes and read the documentation here.

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