Hacking robot dinosaurs with a Raspberry Pi with Dr Lucy Rogers

Last weekend, geeks, tinkerers and hobbyists gathered in Guildford for EMF Camp, a 3-day technology gathering for like-minded individuals. Talks ranged greatly in their topics but this one in particular caught my eye and I was lucky enough to catch it via live stream. Now, you too can listen to Dr Lucy Rogers talk about how the theme park Blackgang Chine, on the Isle of Wight, recruited her, some programmers and some engineers to bring their collection of animatronic dinosaurs up-to-date. Using some electronics wizardry and visual programming language Node-RED, they were able to program the dinosaurs to react to passers-by and make the theme park experience that much richer. You can watch a recording of Lucy’s talk here. If you want to browse the rest of the EMF Camp talks, visit this page.

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