GPIO Zero reference ruler for the Raspberry Pi – new Kickstarter

RasPiO GPIO Zero ruler

The GPIO Zero ruler – click to embiggen

Alex Eames, of RasPiO and RasPi.TV fame has just launched his latest Kickstarter. This one is for a rather nice 30cm/12″ ruler filled with GPIO Zero reference code, as pictured above.

Alex previously did an RPi.GPIO reference ruler that was half the size so we know that the quality of this new one will be very high. The new ruler is, again, in black circuit board material with gold highlights and white & gold lettering and really looks the business.

Alex sent me a sample of the new ruler a couple of weeks ago and I must say I was very impressed. The lettering is clear, the code content is great and above all else, it’s sturdy and makes an excellent addition to your Pi toolbox. The following GPIO Zero functions are documented:

  • LED
  • Button
  • Light sensor
  • Motion sensor
  • Buzzer
  • Motor

It also acts as a slot-over GPIO reference courtesy of the labelled holes at one end. It also provides a link to the GPIO Zero documentation.

Thoroughly recommended.

You can get hold of the new GPIO Zero ruler by visiting the Kickstarter page. Earlybirds are £4 plus postage for just the GPIO Zero ruler by itself, rising to £5 thereafter. There are other rewards as well, so it’s well worth checking it out.

You can watch the campaign video below:

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