Nine year-old wins Tech4Good prizes with a Raspberry Pi asthma monitor

Nine year old Arnav Sharma is the 2016 Tech4Good Winner of Winners and the holder of the People’s Award following a ceremony at the BT Centre. He won the prizes for his AsthmaPi Kit, a device to help parents of asthma suffers, and it all runs from a Raspberry Pi!

Arnav studied the causes and effects of asthma and came up with the AsthmaPi which uses a Raspberry Pi, a Sense Hat, an MQ-135 Gas Sensor, a Sharp Optical Dust Sensor and an Arduino Uno. It is programmed in Python and C++ and triggers email and SMS text message alerts to take medication and remind patients to go for review visits. There is also an accompanying booklet which describes the condition and how to treat it. The sensors on the SenseHAT are used to measure temperature and humidity and the MQ gas sensor detects smoke, nitrogen compounds and host of other airborne triggers.

See more about the project in Arnav’s video, below:

This is just a terrific project from such a young person and it’s great to see him get the recognition the project deserves. Nice one Arnav!

The Tech4Good awards celebrate technological innovation that makes the world a better place.

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