Using your Raspberry Pi Zero on your laptop to play Minecraft

Albert Hickey has written a fantastic tutorial over on his WinkleInk blog. He has used a preview version of RealVNC which allows you to view and play Minecraft Pi Edition on a normal PC, in Albert’s case, a laptop.

Up to now, this has been impossible as Minecraft communicates directly with the framebuffer. RealVNC have done a top job on their software for this, so keep an eye out for when it becomes publicly available. He has combined this software with a tutorial written by Andrew Mulholland which allows you to use a USB cable to connect directly to a Zero over OTG (On-The-Go). This means that you can do this with just the one cable connecting the Zero to the laptop. Albert’s made the whole thing very accessible and it’s well worth trying it out. Read more on his blog.

I hope to try out the new RealVNC preview version this weekend and will let you know how it works!

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