Run a network stack over Bluetooth on the Raspberry Pi 3


By now, of course, everyone knows that the new Raspberry Pi 3 includes Bluetooth capability. Andrew Mulholland has made a video that shows you how to run a full network stack via Bluetooth using his Mac. If anyone can get this working on Windows as well, let me know! See the video below:

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    • Hi Zak,

      Did you really succeed in setting up a PAN between the Raspberry Pi 3 (running rasbian 1.9) and a Windows 10 desktop ?
      My raspberry can detect my PC; my PC detects my Raspberry. Windows ask to “pair” – when I click, it gives a code; in Raspberry: no code… clicking yes in Windows gives then of course an erro “code not corresponding”. When I try to pai and connect from Raspberry, fails each time….
      If you (or some one else) succeeded, I would greatly appreciate to receive step by step instructions….

      Many thansk!

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