CamJam EduKit 1 joins Raspberry Pi learning resources

Pardon me while I get a little excited! 🙂

Ben Nuttall ran a GPIO Zero workshop at the Raspberry Pi Big Birthday Weekend. In the workshop, he used components from CamJam EduKit 1 (a cheap electronics components kit) to teach the basics of the Python library and built up to programming a traffic lights/pedestrian crossing sequence. Now, he has published the workshop as a “learn” resource on the Raspberry Pi website. We (the EduKit team: Tim, Jamie & myself) think the world of GPIO Zero as it represents the easiest way for children (and adults!) to get into physical computing using Python on the Raspberry Pi. We’re intending to write new versions of our worksheets using the library in the near future and Ben’s new resource is even more reason to do so. For Jams and other events, the new resource is perfect – it lets your students do a lot without much, if any, prior knowledge of how the language works. Great work, Ben! Take a look at the new resource here.

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