Build a Raspberry Pi Zero into a USB hub

Adding USB ports to the Raspberry Pi Zero seems to be a common occurrence nowadays, so I’ve not covered many of them on the blog. However, here’s a rather novel idea: taking a USB hub and fitting a Zero into it. Looking at the pictures of the build, it is very hacky but it looks great fun to do, even if this tinkerer has had to cut the corner off the Zero to fit it in the case! Take a look at the build photos here. The cheap hub can be found here on, although I daresay it would be fairly easy to do it with any hub that had a reasonable amount of space inside.

4 comments for “Build a Raspberry Pi Zero into a USB hub

  1. There are a lot of articles about Raspberry Pi Zero, but where and when will we get an aswer to what has happened to it ?
    Greg the frustrated.

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