1 comment for “Build a Twitterbot with Python on your Raspberry Pi

  1. Mike
    1 February 2016 at 9:04 pm

    I’ve implemented a twitter bot via tweetpony and it runs on my RPi.

    It’s remarkably straight forward to do and this tutorial really illustrates that.

    I find the difficult part is coming up with something “useful” to tweet on a regular interval. Finding that project that people want to see something automatically tweeted about every X hours is tricky.

    A quick note about creating an App on twitter: when you do this, you need to provide a phone # and a text is sent so you can verify it. Once you use this phone #, you can’t use it for any additional twitter apps (it’s a hard 1:1 relationship). So if you find that you need multiple twitter apps, you need multiple phone numbers (something that can be a bit tricky for some people).

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