Eagle Labs in Cambridge to run not exclusively Raspberry Pi event – 6th February


Dr Lucy Rogers is organising a maker/hacker/Raspberry Pi event at Eagle Labs, which is the new Maker Space in Cambridge. The event will take place between 2-5pm on Saturday, 6th February. Sponsored by Barclays, the Maker Space has lots of equipment to use to bring your projects to life. During the event, you’ll be able to learn more about the Space and also take part in various activities, including a Raspberry Pi show-and-tell. There is parking on site. If you’d like to attend, or get involved by bringing along your own projects, please email cambridgeeaglelabs@barclays.com to let them know you’re coming (there’s a limit of 50 people for the event).

Aged 8 yrs old and up, under 16’s accompanied by parent or guardian, no soldering on site.

3 comments for “Eagle Labs in Cambridge to run not exclusively Raspberry Pi event – 6th February

  1. What sort of Maker Space doesn’t allow soldering? Have they gone completely sanitised of anything that could cause the slightest harm if wrongly performed?

    • It _is_ odd. It’s very new, perhaps they haven’t adapted the building to allow the fumes to escape yet. Might be worth asking them, though.

  2. Fumes? As a professional and hobbyist electronics enthusiast, I have always enjoyed the smell of flux, and never tried to get rid of it 😉 I know that this new-fangled lead-free stuff is a bit more acrid, but I wouldn’t want to use it anyway if I could possibly avoid it, since it doesn’t make such good joints.

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