GPIO Zero – the development of a new GPIO library for the Raspberry Pi

I’ve previously covered Ben Nuttall’s new GPIO library, GPIO Zero, on this blog. A few weeks ago, I had an epiphany and realised just how useful it can be. Since then, I’ve been meaning to start using it to redevelop the Picorder. This hasn’t happened yet, although I do have a Pi Zero project I’m currently working on that will use it. But more on that later.

Ben has now written a blog post in which he first of all describes how the library was sparked off in the first place, names some of the people behind it and, vitally, goes on to explain how to use it. There are some truly great features to this library, including built-in support for the analog-to-digital converter cheap MCP3008, support for most of the components that come as part of the CamJam EduKits and also a way to link two objects together so that the output from one component becomes the input for another. (He explains it better than I do, but think how useful it would be to link a potentiometer to an LED and you’re on the right track).

So, if you want to know how GPIO Zero was developed, or you’re curious as to what you can do with it, head over to Ben’s blog. It’s essential reading.

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