CamJam EduKit 3 – Robotics – Launches today for the Raspberry Pi

Photo of EduKit 3

Tim Richardson, Jamie Mann (of The Pi Hut) and myself are very proud to announce the official launch of CamJam EduKit number 3. This one is all about Robotics and provides (almost) everything you need to build your own Raspberry Pi-powered motorised buggy. The best news is that everything comes pre-soldered so there is no excuse not to get started! 🙂

The kit, which you can buy from The Pi Hut for £17 + postage, includes the following:
  • A custom-designed, pre-soldered motor controller board (with screw terminals) designed by Gareth from 4tronix
  • Two DC motors (with wires pre-soldered)
  • Two custom red wheels (which go extra fast… because they’re red!)
  • A ball castor (used as the ‘third wheel’ to your robot)
  • A small breadboard (to create your circuits)
  • Two pieces of strong 3M padded double-sided tape
  • A battery box for 4 AA batteries (batteries not included)
  • An ultrasonic distance sensor (for detecting objects in front of your robot)
  • A line follower sensor (for detecting and following black lines)
  • Resistors and jumper cables with which to complete your circuits
  • A strong cardboard box to keep it all in… or to cut into to make your chassis!

All you need to provide is: a chassis (use your imagination or use the box the kit comes in!), 4 AA batteries and a screwdriver.

As always, Tim has worked his socks off to create a series of worksheets that take you through from first Pi principles to using every component included in the kit. These worksheets are available to download for free from the CamJam website.

Here’s Alex Eames’ take on the kit, published on his site, RasPi.TV.

And here is a link to a chassis (pictured below) suitable for printing on your 3D printer, if you have one, designed by Daniel Bull.

Here is a complete walk-through of the kit from The Raspberry Pi Guy (Matthew Timmons-Brown):

Here is a great video of a completed robot in action from Alex Eames:

And here is an ‘unboxing’ video from “Average Man”, Richard Saville:

We hope that everyone who buys the EduKit will have great fun with it. We’ve worked really hard to make the kit as fully-featured as possible, giving you the option of both manual remote-control and two ways of autonomous operation. There’s plenty of stuff to learn and play around with and, we think, it represents great value for money at £17. So, if you’d like to buy the EduKit, head over to The Pi Hut!

We’d like to extend our thanks to the beta testers and reviewers who have looked over the kit and provided feedback, photos and videos!

Main photo at the top of the page by Alex Eames, RasPi.TV

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