Create an interactive pet with the Raspberry Pi and SenseHAT


Carrie Anne Philbin has been very busy recently with her Raspberry Pi Foundation duties. Now she’s back in her guise as the creator of the Geek Gurl Diaries videos!

Her new video tutorial takes you through from connecting up the SenseHAT to having the movement sensors on the HAT trigger a behaviour on the LED matrix to create an ‘interactive pet’. She also covers the design of your ‘pet’ using various tools and coding everything up in Python 3.

It’s a great tutorial, as we’ve come to expect from Carrie Anne, and well worth looking at if you own a SenseHAT or if you’re thinking of buying one.

You can watch the video below and you can visit YouTube to leave Carrie Anne a comment:

1 comment for “Create an interactive pet with the Raspberry Pi and SenseHAT

  1. I like the idea presented in the video, but I much, much prefer written tutorials. a video is good to support a written tutorial.

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