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  1. This is a good review. I was lucky enough to get one of the first displays, and following Matt Richardson’s project (previously detailed by you) https://github.com/mrichardson23/rpi-kivy-screen I decided to develop a touch screen driven Sonic Pi Jukebox for Raspberry Pi utilising Kivy for the front end, the sonic-pi-cli gem written by Nick Johnstone https://github.com/Widdershin/sonic-pi-cli to communicate with Sonic Pi, and some of my own compositions for Sonic Pi to play. I also set up the Pi (using the Jessie distribution) to autoboot into Sonic Pi and to automatically load the Kivy front end using a python script triggered by a specially made .desktop file entry placed in the .config/autostart folder. The result is a compact self contained system, which will run off a solar charged battery pack, and together with a Pi-Hut speaker will give a keyboard free, mouse free, mains free, music system. After you have finished with it, you can touch select quit and shutdown to close down the system. A video of the setup ( with a mains powered amp and power supply) is on youtube at
    Hopefully I will get around to doing a fuller write up soon.

    • That’s really cool. First time I’ve seen Kivy being used for anything other than “Hey look, this is Kivy” purposes. 🙂

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