New Raspberry Pi operating system for seniors

A maker/programmer called Gerald decided that the Raspberry Pi was the perfect computer for senior citizens (a term I’m not totally sure I like all that much, but heigh-ho). He has created a new operating system distro called “Senior Pi” which is a stripped-down affair with basic utilities such as email, an internet radio and things like that. It is designed to be used with a large HDMI touchscreen (although I daresay someone could get it working with the new Raspberry Pi display. It is designed to be a two-user system: one is the senior user, the other is a support user who sets-up and maintains the software. For more information, and to download and try it out, head over to the creator’s wiki website.

Thanks to the Raspberry Pi Foundation for finding this one.

1 comment for “New Raspberry Pi operating system for seniors

  1. I think you’ll find most Seniors don’t mind what you call them as long as it’s not overtly rude.
    I’m 70 and have friends who call themselves:
    the walking dead
    JPO, just plain OLD!
    OhSos, over 50’s (inc 60’s, 70’s etc)
    even Pensioners!
    So please don’t worry about the terminology, it’s the intent that counts.

    How about some projects for Seniors in the Magpi please.
    Most of us are not into gaming but are into home automation projects.
    I’m trying to get an alarm system set up as my first project. Bought the sensor kit and a camera and am working my way slooooowly through the coding.
    I don’t need a senior centric OS just yet.
    Keep up the good work and many thanks.

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