Minecraft: Pi Edition – Imminent

I just got a quick flash from an RSS feed about the release of the Pi edition of Minecraft, the World-building game. The post has since been unpublished, but details of the download were briefly available (even if the download itself was not accessible on the URL they gave).

If you’ve been following the thread over at the Foundation,  you’ll know this isn’t ‘new’ news – a leaked version has been available for a few weeks. Admittedly, this is only a version 0.1 Alpha version, so there are some bugs, but this is exciting news!

If you want more information about the leaked version and some experimentation with the API, head on over to Stuff About Code.

I will report the official release of the game as soon as it comes up!

In the meantime, here’s a link to the official Pi edition website if you want to find out more, or even subscribe to their RSS feed:

Minecraft: Pi Edition | Minecraft: Pi Edition updates and downloads.

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