Raspberry Pi space invaders comes to Cambridge Makespace

The workshops run by HackLab UK are among the newest additions to the Cambridge Raspberry Jam and have so far also proven to be the most popular and successful.

This Saturday (26th), HackLab will be at the Cambridge Makespace at 16 Mill Lane running their Scratch/GPIO Space Invaders workshop. Here’s what they have to say about it:

Students will be able to program a Space Invaders style videogame in Scratch, then wire up a Big Red Button to the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins to fire the ‘Doomsday Laser’ when the battle for galactic supremacy gets too hot to handle! A fun and engaging combination of programming and physical computing, StarFighter shows students how we can affect computer programs through physical and real-world inputs.

The event runs from 10am-12pm, is suitable for ages 8+ and is free. To book your place, head over to meetup.com and Join/RSVP.

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