Art installation in a French railway station uses a Raspberry Pi and over 16,000 LEDs

Fred Sapey-Triomphe and Yann Guidon were hired to liven up the entrance to a temporary railway station in Mons, France. The project is called ElectroSuper and is comprised of a 42m long ceiling screen made out of six sections containing 2800 LEDs each. That’s 16,800 LEDs in total. The project took two months to produce. There are four infra-red sensors at the entrance to the “tunnel” which detect the number of visitors and this figure affects the images that are displayed. It will run for a year and the images are also affected by the time of year. The whole thing is master-controlled by a Raspberry Pi Model B+ which runs in read-only mode to protect the SD card. When it is running at full-pelt, the image transmission only takes up to 15% of the CPU. You can read an interview with the pair over at Linux User and Developer or watch a video of ElectroSuper in action below:

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