RPi.GPIO Python library for the Raspberry Pi undergoes a change

Alex Eames has been looking at recent updates to the Python library everybody uses, RPi.GPIO, and has noticed something. The old variable RPI_REVISION has been deprecated (replaced) by something more useful: RPI_INFO. This new variable outputs a Python dictionary detailing the revision of GPIO pins, the amount of RAM onboard and various items to do with the Pi’s design revision. You can read more about his investigation of the new variable over at RasPi.TV.

Also of note GPIO-wise is that Alex’s current Kickstarter is coming to an end in a few days. The GPIO reference ruler is a 15cm long ruler filled with RPi.GPIO reference material as well as a place-it-over-the-pins GPIO reference guide. It’s cheap at £4 and is just what you need to remind yourself about the RPi.GPIO commands if (like me) you forget all the time! You can take a look at the Kickstarter here. It recently hit a stretch goal which means that Alex will be donating a bunch of rulers to the Raspberry Pi Foundation to use on their educational course Picademy.

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  1. Hi Andrew The other wire is for the 0 volts.The 0 volts on the pi and 0 V on the controller are now ceetocnnd through the cable. Pin 6 on the PI GPIO is 0v the other end goes to the Negative terminal on the battery in the controller think the colour of the cable is orangegpio pin no cable colour6 orange11 brown12 green13 black15 yellowhope this helps

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