Eye-controlled wheelchair uses Raspberry Pi 2


Myrijam Stoetzer (14) and Paul Foltin (15) from Duisburg, Germany wanted to create a system whereby a wheelchair could be controlled by tracking eye movements. The eye tracker is made from a webcam mounted in the frames of some safety glasses. They use IR LEDs to provide illumination in the dark and they’ve stripped the IR filter from the camera so that it works in the light and the dark. They initially tried using an old model B Raspberry Pi but got very low frames-per-second scanning. They then moved to an ODROID-U3 which improved matters remarkably. They’ve now switched to a Raspberry Pi 2 because of the low-cost even though performance isn’t quite as good as the ODROID. They’re asking for help to improve the frame rate, so if you think you can help, head over to their project page. I wonder if they could achieve a better frame rate by using the Pi camera module

You can read more from this remarkable, young team here.

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