Raspberry Pi security camera using a RasPiO Duino

Alex Eames has been busy experimenting with a way to replace an old low-res security camera at his house in Poland. He’s come up with a Pi-controlled, servo-positioned camera that will accept commands over Twitter. The core of the project is a RasPiO Duino board that is connected to an old Raspberry Pi Model B and has an onboard light-dependent resistor and temperature sensor. The board communicates with the Pi over serial and sends these readings back, while at the same time accepting commands (from the Twitter feed) from the Pi to control the servos to position the camera. It’s very neat and tidy, and is an excellent extension on Alex’s previous blog posts working with the Twitter API. And, oh yeah, it can upload photos and videos to Dropbox in addition to tweeting a photo via a cron job (scheduled task). Read more here.

Photo from Alex Eames

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