Great Sites for the Pi #5 – BerryIO

Daniel Bull, who attends the Milton Keynes Raspberry Jam, has created a stunning web interface for the Pi’s GPIO pins called BerryIO. It’s a great tool for beginners and experts alike to explore what the Pi can do with the pins. Here’s the summary from the Github site:

Project Details

The long term aim of BerryIO is to enable developers to control the Raspberry Pi and its GPIO ports remotely from any device with a browser, without ever needing to connect a screen or keyboard to the Pi itself. The way BerryIO works is once the Raspberry Pi has booted up (or if the connectivity changes) it automatically connects to the main wired or one of the predefined wireless networks and BerryIO emails the owner with a web link. They can then click the link and open the control panel in a browser (with their username and password). There is also a command line interface, so you can issue commands directly to it over SSH or in scripting should you wish to.


The system also gives you information on the current state of the Pi, such as load and temperature.

It really is a very polished, attractive interface which I wholeheartedly recommend. Daniel’s always continuing to develop it so it’ll be something you can use into the future.

Visit the GitHub repository to get hold of it and start exploring the GPIO!

5 comments for “Great Sites for the Pi #5 – BerryIO

  1. Just released BerryIO 1.6.0!
    Phew that was hard going….

    – I’ve added a fix to cope with the incorrect GPIO mode information coming from /sys/class/gpio/
    – I’ve added the ability to name GPIO pins which was popularly requested
    – There are new Hints and Tips sections which are essentially the previous help text plus a bit more
    – I’ve moved the check for updates button so its easier to get to (IE above the long changelog)
    – I’ve added a CSS fix for IE
    – ..and I’ve added a settings check to cope with the fact that /etc/berryio settings may be incompatible with newer versions

    By the way you will get an error because the /etc/berryio/gpio.php settings file has changed format slightly to allow you to name the GPIO pins but it will tell you what to do about that when you run it.

    Fingers crossed no bugs!

    For fresh installs or versions prior to 1.5.0 go here:
    Everyone else just click on check for updates under About and it will tell you what to do.

    I don’t actually have a blog for BerryIO yet, I guess thats something I need to sort.
    However people can follow me and talk to me on G+ here:

  2. can the gpio pin status be viewed via local ip…i dont want it to send out email link?

    • Yes, I believe you can use the local web browser to see the status just as you would remotely. To turn the email off, take a look at the code

  3. Yes Mike is correct.
    You can use the browser locally if you desire.
    You can also use it remotely without the email, the email is just to let you know the LAN IP for convenience.

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