Raspi-LTSP becomes PiNet – a centralised Raspberry Pi management system

Raspi-LTSP is an ingenious way to run a school Raspberry Pi laboratory. It allows the teacher (or IT manager) to set-up an old PC that hosts the full Raspbian operating system which then gets ‘pushed’ over the network to individual Raspberry Pis. This allows the administrator to maintain one copy of the OS rather than update dozens of SD cards. It also gives the ability for students to have individual logins to the system and to save their work to the master server rather than the individual SD card of the Pi they are working on.

Andrew Mulholland, the creator of the system, has now announced a name change. The system will now be known as PiNet, which I’m sure you’ll agree is a great improvement. With the change of name comes a new version of the software which you can download from here.

Find out more on the PiNet website.

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