Fun soldering practice with A Kit A Month

Generally, if you’ve learned how to solder then you love to solder! It’s a nice skill to have but you have to keep doing it to keep that skill fresh, I reckon.

Andrew Gale, who did the brilliant GPIO Christmas Tree kit late last year, has just launched his latest Kickstarter. Every month (for 5 months) you’ll get a soldering kit in the post. Most of these are 9V battery kits but in Month 2 you get an extra one (to cover a month gap for Andrew to become a father again!) that plugs into the GPIO pins of the Pi. It’s a simple switch-and-LED kit that should be fun to put together and looks nicely designed. The subscription package is £22 (for Earlybirds) and £25 thereafter including postage.

It’s a nice Kickstarter to get involved with, and I hope Andrew makes it to his (relatively low) goal. Take a look at the campaign here.

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