Duelling pianos with Raspberry Pi play Street Fighter

This is an absolutely incredible project that mixes art and technology. Absolutely astonishing – read on!

To celebrate the re-opening of the Maison de la Radio, France’s principal and historical radio building situated in the heart of Paris, a team developed a system, called Pianette, whereby two upright pianos could be used to play a game of Street Fighter! They used a combination of piezo pressure sensors and analog-to-digital converters to supply Raspberry Pis with a musical control signal which was then converted into movement inside the game. The build, which was restricted to 41 days (!) because of the re-opening date, was on an epic scale and much of the time the team only had one attempt to get it right. You can see a video of a battle below and read more about the build on their blog. All of their code, and the design files for the various boards they created, are available here.

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