Raspberry Pi 2 outshines the B+ in this multi-threaded performance test

Alex Eames from RasPi.TV has written a Python script that tests out the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi 2’s quad-core processor by carrying out sorting operations on a massive list of words. The results are astounding. The Pi 2 clearly beats the B+ in a single-core test and simply wipes the floor with the B+ in a multi-threaded test. You can watch a video of the test and see the code here. He’s also done some power-usage measurements to compare the Pi 2 against all the other models of Pi out there.

Alex has made the code for the multi-threaded test available on GitHub if you’d like to run it yourself or see a great example of how multi-threaded Python programming is done. Python is cross-platform, so you can try this out wherever Python can be installed!

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