Raspberry Pi 2 – news round-up


Just doing a quick update at lunchtime on this fantastic launch day. As you should all know by now, the Raspberry Pi 2 was launched at 9am today by Eben Upton at a press conference at The Shard in London. I hope to bring you a recording of that press conference at some point, but currently the Element 14 site, where the press conference was streamed, is up and down like a yo-yo.

You can read my announcement of the launch here and here is my own video walk-around of the board.

In the meantime, here is the pick of today’s coverage:

Raspberry Pi Foundation

Here’s the official announcement made by Eben on the website this morning. Their website has been struggling a bit so you might find it either comes up slowly or in maintenance mode. Either way the blog post should be visible.


Alex Eames has done a great walk-around video and blog coverage. His video includes a side-by-side comparison between the Pi 2 and B+. As always, Alex’s enthusiasm for the Pi comes across and it’s a great fact- and demonstration-based video. Read and watch it here.

Raspberry Pi Guy

Matthew Timmons-Brown has done a slightly longer video with more background detail of the history of the Pi. Watch it here.


Alasdair Allan has written a piece over on Make in which he interviews Eben Upton about the new board – well worth a read if you want more technical detail about the new board. Read it here.

Russell Davis

Russell has got some very specific uses for a Pi, such as writing COBOL on it (!) and has been putting the Pi 2 through its paces. Read about his experiences here.


Rory Cellan-Jones interviewed Eben Upton on camera and you can watch the video here.

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