Teaching literature with the Raspberry Pi

Thanks to Helen over at the Foundation for blogging about this

Sarah Roman’s high school class in New Jersey, USA is currently studying Bram Stoker’s Dracula. In an effort to promote digital literacy within her class she is looking to finance a classroom set of Pis so that the kids can build video games around the subject of Dracula. The finance is being driven by an IndieGoGo fundraising campaign. Here’s what she says over on their campaign page:

…students will be able to: build an unique video game using Scratch and the Raspberry Pi; incorporate text, sounds, student-created graphics, and a unique user interface; create an inventive housing unit for the system console; and learn in an immersive, collaborative environment. I believe that accessing learning for students and allowing them to experiment inevitably strengthens their real-world skills and revitalizes the texts. In this case, students will creatively and critically think while gaining experience with 21st Century technology.

If you feel that this campaign is a worthy cause (I certainly do!), please head over to IndieGoGo and donate – even if it’s just $5 it will help them on their way to their $2,550 goal.

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