ProtoCam+ for the Raspberry Pi – final hours on Kickstarter

This is just a quick blog post in the form of a ‘shout-out’ for Richard Saville’s ProtoCam+ Kickstarter. It’s now entering it’s final 30 hours and is already 173% funded.

The ProtoCam+ is a great prototyping board for the Pi. It’s HAT-sized and plugs directly onto the GPIO pins of model A+ and B+ Pis. It has a large prototyping area which surrounds a mounting for the camera module. This means it is ideal for adding circuitry to your camera project. You could, for example, create a camera with it by adding LEDs for a flash and a button for a trigger. Or you could add sensors to detect changes in light or movement and take a photo when certain conditions are triggered.

I’ve got one of these boards myself (Richard was kind enough to send me an early one) and it’s very high-quality and well laid-out.

The board costs £7 from Kickstarter and you can make your pledge here.

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