Raspberry Pi Wifi-Controlled Cat Laser Toy


I wasn’t going to feature this and then I thought I would with a note of caution.

Here’s an Adafruit tutorial in which you construct a remotely-operated laser-pointer cat toy. The project provides a web interface which you can use to control the laser pointer which is attached to a couple of servos for positioning.

Here’s the note of caution: They say not to shine this in the eyes of humans or animals – indeed, you should never shine a laser in any eyes – it’s bloody dangerous! While this is relatively easy (not foolproof) to avoid if you’re holding the pointer in your hand, it’s not so easy to guarantee it if you’re relying on a web interface with a streaming camera. So, please do this in the knowledge that it could be a bit dodgy! :-/

Read the Adafruit tutorial here or view the video below.

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