Launched today: Flotilla from Pimoroni – easy hacking for the Raspberry Pi

It’s great to see this one finally see the light of day!

Sheffield-based Pimoroni have just launched a new Kickstarter for “Flotilla“, which is a hacking platform for the Raspberry Pi. It starts off with the Flotilla dock which plugs into one of the Pi’s USB ports and then gives you a further 8 custom ports into which you can plug their modules.

You then program the dock using an easy-to-use web development kit or, if you prefer to get your hands a bit mucky, you can use their Python library.

There are a number of modules you can plug in such as an accelerometer, a light sensor, a colour detector, an LED matrix, a slider, and a whole host of others.

They’ve clearly used their imagination for this product and the attention to detail is very encouraging. I saw an alpha version of the kit at the Raspberry Pi Foundation… oh, many months ago now and it was looking promising then, even with much work to do. They’ve clearly used the time to come up with a tremendously polished product.

I’ve backed it already and I hope you will too. The Earlybird prices are currently starting at £29 delivered for the small kit and currently go up to £114 for the full “Mega Treasure Chest” which comes with what looks like all the plug-in modules. This is great value, especially when you compare it to other kits that you can get, especially in the education sector. You can read more about the product here and then back it if you so wish!

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