New prototyping board for the Raspberry Pi B+ and A+

Richard Saville (aka The Average Man) has created a new prototyping board for use with the A+/B+. It’s called the ProtoPal and it plugs into the 40-pin +-sized GPIO pins. It has plenty of prototyping space and has two long power rails running along the centre of the board. Richard has designed the board to give you the maximum amount of prototyping space so it doesn’t use the 4 mounting holes of the A+/B+. Instead it has one hole through which you can push a spacer which helps further balance the board. I’ve got one ready to have a play with so expect to hear more about the ProtoPal soon. You can read more about the board on Richard’s blog.

You see a video about the board below and you can buy it from eBay (£4.99) or from Tindie ($8)

1 comment for “New prototyping board for the Raspberry Pi B+ and A+

  1. Nigel
    3 January 2015 at 1:49 pm

    Very nice idea.
    I would like to see another version
    with bi-direction GPIO Lines 3,3V to 5V .

    This way we can use 5V Hardware.

    Due to my current experience, I am now a GREAT believer in GPIO separation – so I used single direction opto-couplers – Not very flexible if one changes the IN/OUT Config. Also reduces noise.

    I hear there are bi-direction OptoC’s out there.

    Best regards


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