PiBorg launch new Raspberry Pi-powered robot

Cambridgeshire-based PiBorg have just announced a new product.



Say hello to the Diddyborg – Doodleborg’s younger brother. Here’s a picture of Doodleborg for comparison:

Here are some of the specs of the Diddyborg from their site.

I’ve seen Diddyborg in the flesh at a recent Jam (Potton Pi & Pints) and it’s really cute. Stunningly well-made with excellent kit onboard.

The price is quite steep at £180, but once you take into account the sheer amount of kit, the quality of the motors and the included software, I think it’s about right for what is supposed to be a premium product.

Here it is in action:

You can read more about Diddyborg on the PiBorg website.

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  1. I’ve seen this robot, and it is a lovely piece of kit. Very good quality motors – none of those cheap yellow ones from China – solid metal ones! PiBorg certainly know their kit.

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