Adventures in Minecraft book for Raspberry Pi owners launched

Martin O’Hanlon has just announced the launch and availability of the book he wrote, together with David Whale, called Adventures in Minecraft. Taking inspiration from the style and content of Carrie Anne Philbin’s book Adventures in Raspberry Pi, this book teaches programming concept using the programmable Minecraft API. You can read more about the book on Martin’s blog here and you can purchase it from Wiley or Amazon (UK, US).

I will be receiving my review copy in the next few days from Wiley and will bring you my opinion soon, probably over the weekend.

1 comment for “Adventures in Minecraft book for Raspberry Pi owners launched

  1. 13 November 2014 at 11:14 am

    It’s amazing! I think the only negative comment I have to make about it is how ADDICTIVE it is!

    And I think that it’s brilliant that it isn’t just exclusive to Raspberry Pi owners. I chose to complete the book on my Windows 7 machine, but you can also do it on Mac.

    You can read my review here:

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