Firefox OS for the Raspberry Pi gains momentum

Thanks to The Register for the meat of this one, and to Tim Richardson who spotted it!

During a Mozilla Festival held over this last weekend, developers showed more of the Firefox OS port for the Pi. They also listed some of the objectives of the project:

  • Be at parity with Raspbian/RPi as a hobbyist environment. Users will be able to read from sensors and control motors, LEDs, solenoids, slave boards, etc. A modified Fx OS for Raspberry Pi will be able to fly a drone;
  • Be competitive with other media player OSes available for Rpi;
  • Be competitive with other IDEs for FxOS on Raspberry Pi targeted at beginning programmers, like IDLE and Scratch;
  • Enable programmers (via DOM/CSS) to develop robotics etc. by building a declarative model of a reactive system. With one type of output device, the actual electronics could be interfaced with. With another type of output device, the model could be simulated on a client computer.

Read more at The Register.

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