New Raspberry Jam area on the Foundation’s website!


Very, very excited right now!
I spent three days at the Raspberry Pi Foundation recently, working on the Raspberry Jam section of their website. It’s now been launched (see their blog post)!
Ben Nuttall as done a great job putting the whole thing together and has developed a system where you can submit your own Pi-related event and get it published on both a map and a calendar. As well as the map and calendar, we also wrote a guide on how to run a Jam (with a great deal of help from Alan O’Donohoe’s Jamual!).

Really, really happy that it’s got launched – it’s a great resource for anyone who wants to go to a Jam and/or wants to know how a Jam works.

Now… what’s going on this month, and what can I get to… 🙂

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