Stream video from your Raspberry Pi camera module

I know I’ve covered streaming before, but this is just a reminder to myself that the best method I’ve found is using Silvan Melchoir’s RaspiMJPEG which he has combined with a web interface (pictured). All the instructions are available on the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s forum.

Here are the instructions in a nutshell:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo rpi-update

git clone
cd RPi_Cam_Web_Interface
chmod u+x

./ install

After the setup finishes, you have to restart your RPi. Now just open up any browser on any computer in your network and enter the IP of the RPi as URL.

12 comments for “Stream video from your Raspberry Pi camera module

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for this useful tutorial. I have installed it and it works! But I have a question. I have already lighttpd webserver, I installed your git clone, I think apache2 is inside of this clone. It installed apache2 as well. Now lighttpd is not working because port 80 is occupied by apache2. How can I remove apache2 and how can I do everything with lighttpd?

    • I’m not sure is my truthful answer. Search online for removal instructions for Apache on Linux. You’ll have to do apt-get remove but I’m not sure exactly what the command will be.

  2. When I try to clone the repo it says
    error: Failed to connect to; Connection refused while accessing
    fatal: HTTP request failed

    Do I have to have the rights? Also the link to Raspberrypi forum that you provided is also not working.

    • Sounds very strange… The link to the Forum works for me – what do you get come up on your browser? Because it might be the reason for the Github error too

      • That issue was solved. My connection is under a proxy so had to put the proxy address in git config .
        Next question. The Video start record option records a video. How can I can the default settings like where it saves the video. Or maybe much more complicated recording I want to do like using a custom output. Basically if a python picamera script I can run clicking on the start record button that will be great. Do I have that kind of control?

        • Hi Nikhil. I think the best advice I can give is to contact silvanmelchoir on the RPi forums who wrote the software. He’ll be able to help you much better than I will.

  3. hi any idea how to get an http image from this setup? id like to use it for razberry pi automation system as a security cam to catch if anyone messing with the box.

    • I’d suggest using something like a PIR sensor to detect movement. Then, when movement is detected, I suggest using Python with the “picamera” library to grab the image then use something like the Flask web framework to deliver the captured image to a browser. Take a look around for tutorials dealing with this – there should be some out there.

  4. hi any idea how to get an http image from this setup? id like to use it for razberry pi automation system as a security cam to catch if anyone messing with the box. any idea of a direct link to image?

  5. Hi,

    how may I watch my camera on a web page using an ARM11 processor and coding in C/C++?

    I would implement something like UDP multicast but what I found is ased on a sort of OS (linux, raspian etc etc)

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