GPIO VGA adapter for the Raspberry Pi

Gert Van Loo, designer of the original Raspberry Pi Alpha board, has come up with a new board for the B+. It plugs into the GPIO pins and gives you a VGA port! The quality of the video output is outstanding and it can work at the same time as the HDMI port so you could experiment with having a cloned or extended desktop. Gert is intending to open-source the design so no doubt we’ll see it available before long, although what price it will be is not determined yet (I’m hoping for considerably less than most HDMI-VGA adapters out there). Only 4 of the GPIO pins are not used for the VGA so it pretty much hogs the GPIO, but if all you want is VGA output I think that’s a fair compromise. You can read a little bit more about the board over at RasPi.TV.

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