Raspberry Pi for Artists workshop in New York

New York-based digital artist and developer Bruno Kruse is running a workshop in Brooklyn on 20th September from 12pm-7pm for artists who want to use the Raspberry Pi to develop installations. Here’s some info from the event page:

This workshop is perfect for artists, developers, educators or anyone interested in experimenting with the Raspberry Pi.

Learn how to setup and turn your Raspberry Pi into a standalone machine for installations from the ground up. Starting from a fresh Pi we’ll be learning how to install various flavors of linux, access basic networking and video playback. We’ll also dive into writing our first programs to wire LED’s, buttons and motors. Everything you need to know to get the Pi set up and running your own projects!

The workshop fee is from $80 (it’s a little more for non-students and a little more again if you want to buy the hardware as part of the course fee) and you can register for it here.

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