New visual programming environment for the Raspberry Pi – Wyliodrin

For those of you who don’t like to write actual text-based code, and instead prefer a visual programming environment, there are only a few options out there, most notably Scratch and NodeRED. There is a new player in the arena called Wyliodrin. This has a similar look-and-feel to Scratch and runs through a web browser. You can check out how to install it and how to use it on the official site. You can also view an introductory video below. Although you can get a developer account for free, a video does mention that you can ‘upgrade’ it, so apparently it’s a chargeable service, but the site doesn’t contain any details on this, bizarrely.

They have also started to do some video tutorials, one of which deals with feeding data in from Facebook and outputting it to two seven-segment displays. You can see the video below or visit the channel to see more videos.

7 comments for “New visual programming environment for the Raspberry Pi – Wyliodrin

  1. Hello Michael,
    I just subscribed to you blog. You’re doing a great job here.
    Regarding Wyliodrin, I use it to stimulate my kids to learn programming and electronics. The free subscription however is limited to one board but it was ok for a while. Recently upgraded (it’s really not expensive, about $4).

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