Founder of Raspberry Jams nominated for Digital Award – vote now!

Alan O’Donohoe, who started the Raspberry Jam phenomenon, and is just a generally good man and nice chap has been nominated for the Volunteer Digital Hero category of the TalkTalk Digital Heroes Awards. I can’t say enough good stuff about Alan. Without him, we wouldn’t have Raspberry Jams and we wouldn’t have the Raspberry Jamboree. He’s responsible for the growth of personal contact in the Raspberry Pi community, a community which can be very virtual at times. Instead, you get to come along to Jams and talk to like-minded individuals and get your hands on some really cool tech. If he wins the award, he’s planning to use the money he gets to launch Jam Packed which will bring educational technology events to areas of the country that don’t normally get them, either because they’re too remote or they’re too deprived of funds. Sounds like a great plan. You can read more here and you can vote for Alan by going to the Digital Heroes website.

I urge you to vote for Alan and tweet and blog as much as you can! 🙂


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